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We are committed to care for all patients under our care. Our aim is to do the work with utmost sincerely and proceed to give uncompromised service. Here we are always present, striving to maintain the desired standards through communication and proper guidance.

Our Achivement

At SUO XI Hospital (Acupuncture) our relentless dedication to excellence has led us to achieve significant milestones that underline our commitment to providing exceptional patient care, advancing medical research and fostering a healthier community. We take pride in sharing some of our achievement in treatment through acupuncture and other treatment method.


Welcome to SUO XI Hospital (Acupuncture), where exceptional healthcare meets specialized expertise. Our commitment to patient well-being is reflected in our diverse medical specialties, each staffed by dedicated professionals and equipped with the latest technologies. Explore the array of specialties we have.


Videos explaining and showing various treatment methods can be informative and engaging for an audience. These videos could be educational in nature or even showcase patient data, Inspirational and emotional stories of patients who have overcome health challenges, received life-changing treatments, or experienced exceptional care.


Medical journals are a valuable resource for doctors and healthcare professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest research, advancements, and treatment options in medicine. Medical journals cover various topics, including clinical studies, case reports, and reviews. Here are some well-known medical journals that Dr. S. M. Shahidul Islam has written. This journal contains a lot of information about how Acupuncture as well as other treatment methods and lifestyle modification work for different kinds of diseases.

Satisfied Patients

Receiving high-quality medical care is essential for patient satisfaction. When patients feel that their health concerns are being addressed competently and effectively, they are more likely to be happy and fit. Here are some of the people who are cured by our acupuncture services and leading a happy life.


SUO XI Hospital represents the beginning of a brand-new era In the Bangladeshi medical sector. SUO XI inspired you to embark on a new attempt to have a healthy and standard lifestyle. Our primary goal is the standard of services and high-quality care, that's the direction we aim to head in the future.

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